Unintentional art in public, second winner. a beautifully wrought leftover piece of an ingrown tree branch stuck between this equally fine original art deco fence. Darmstadt

Best unintentional art in public. in an otherwise so art-impregnated spot that you´d never expect it, which makes for a ‘cum laude’ on top. Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt

I don´t know quite which category i would fit this in – retro saddle bag of the month maybe? i´m unsure about this whole “thing” in fact, nevertheless… yes. i had the feeling that sporting such an outdated “thing” from the past as a ‘Ciao’ in a fully developed modern society was award-worthy in itself. for confusing people. Darmstadt

Most spot-on site specific graff piece. perfectly negociating old and new paint layers while masterfully placing itself right there on the spot. Darmstadt

Handbag-moment of the month. with custom made monster animal spying for treasures, as i observed. Weserstraße, Neukölln

Art by the wayside, winner. an unremovable piece for a change, which can still be enjoyed at Aqua Butzke building, Kreuzberg

And, in this other all-time favorite category ‘art by the wayside’, this wins for the council of Treptow, at Treptower Park. because i really like it too and in fact i´m spoiled for choice. it´s simply touching with this deep, archaic, almost maritime immediacy  with which it throws itself right into the discourse of urban space.

Shop window of the month. wait. since we already awarded a winner for Neukölln, i´ll get out of any competitive rating conflicts here by awarding this as winner for the Schöneweide-category.