The Quotes_ As Alfred Hitchcock said, you cannot invent the amazing things people come up with spontaneously. This must have been what initially made me start collecting quotes during my school days (and up to now). Classmates often borrowed these files under the table for a giggle during a boring lesson. So i have early been inspired by people´s circumstancial creativity and these treasured comedic moments in our otherwise much-regulated life.

The Style Charts_ A visual counterpart to my quotes collecting evolved around 2002 as another fun habit on the side: my personal ‘Style Charts’. I would spot someone with some eccentric robe, a special accessoire or styling and quietly award them. One of the earliest winners -for ‘most extravagant club accessoir’ in fact- was that girl in Icon club, Berlin, who emerged by a sweaty Drum&Bass dancefloor at 5 in the morning with… a large shiny frozen-food supermarked bag for hand luggage!

I still nominate people in parties, clubs and daily life. A bunch of exciting streetstyle-blogs have emerged along these lines as well. I´d love to be as frank and natural with strangers as some of these authors. Still, we have come to suffer much from our over-mediated world. So i continue my Style Charts mostly without taking pictures, just to share the fun between friends, and occasionally with the winner too (if the situation seems right). I equally enjoy to keep celebrating such precious, and often fragile, people-situations without intervening. A camera might help us remember a special moment and be able to share it, but it drains it spiritually in return. Which is how some traditional groups, as well as underground clubs like Berlin´s famous ‘Berghain’ see it, too.

The Urban Sign & Style Charts_ finally developed from 2005 as the complementing 3rd element in my scenario, much encouraged by my now ever handy digital snappy-cam. This charts-blog happens to feature rarely people, nor their sayings, but instead the acts, creativity and traces of people, and of the environment which hosts us all. Though maybe less spectacular, i find this angle on the world around us equally inspiring. It´s also pretty much in line with the popular nonchalant, low-profile charm of my home city Berlin. I run these ‘Urban Sign & Style Charts’ to share the joy with all those of you who love to stop and marvel, too!





ABOUT ‘V-CR’ – Vera C Ritter

en_ Vera C Ritter has been working within the fields of film, digital media and art since 1988. She graduated in Film & Media Studies, later in ‘Interdisciplinary Design’ at Berlin School of Arts, Weissensee. She lived in London for 6 years, and has since been working as a freelance in film and media, as well as creating own work as a filmmaker and media artist. Her work has been shown internationally on television, at art film festivals, in galleries as well as club-events. Lives and works in Berlin.

d_ Vera C Ritter bewegt sich seit 1988 im der welt von film, digitalen medien und kunst. sie graduierte in Film– und Kommunikationswissenschaften, weiter in ‘Interdisziplinärem Gestalten’ an der Kunsthochschule Berlin–Weissensee. 6 jahre verbrachte sie in London, seitdem ist sie als freie medienschaffende, filmkünstlerin und visual artist tätig. Ihre arbeiten wurden verschiedentlich international aufgeführt im fernsehen, auf kunstfilmfestivals und in galerien ebenso wie auf club-events. Lives and works in Berlin.

[photo by Francoise Lamy]