Nicest letter placement. well worked-out spacing, fine visibility, appealing colour co-ordination. in other words, a well-rounded work. Kottbusser Damm, Kreuzberg March 06

Most inspiring exhibit by the side of this design faculty show. i wasn´t fooled by the fact that this was merely allocated to hold the sign pointing towards the show -this was clearly the STAR of the show! most attendees, including the design professors, didn´t notice of course (typical). i would have bought it. but then i didn´t want to upset anyone with my looks on things. artist unknown, KHB Art School, Berlin-Weissensee

QUIZZ_ A rare ‘Spot the Difference’ special. i know the difference already (because i made it up meself in a fun-sopping late night moment), but you´re welcome to share your personal findings with everyone. Berlin P´Berg, January 2005

Greatest pun on signal tape usage. original intention of course not “don´t feed the strangled sphynxens”, but “don´t try to sit on a removed bench”, funnily enough. Charing Cross, London

Best-nerved breeding inner city swan couple. this adjacent café consequently became a cult swan-watching destination as you can imagine. everyone was full of fervour and wanted to feed bread to the swans and their offspring. a loving ignorance which killed some of the lot, i was explained by a clued-up waitress, but luckily not all. Xberg, Berlin April 05

Best wildstyle Post Office sign! this is what corporate identity gurus will kill you for, if you are an aspiring design junior (written in the contract). they threaten everybody with these heavy files which contain minute guidelines for all visual and graphic communication for such big institutions, the equivalent to the quaran. but then, hey, a punk rocker comes up through the back door and… fucks everything up so freaking beautifully anarchic. probably it was the caretaker -you are a genius, you don´t know! Storkower Str, Prenzl´Berg January 2005

Most appetizing shower gel. it smells so deliciously mint-chocolately that you´ll instantly want to eat the lot instead of wasting any of it on your dirty body. i saw this at a friend´s friend´s place, who told me he got it from his ma who was a sales representative for the brand. but i never saw this flava in a shop, and sadly i never saw this friend´s friend again to question him whether this ever went on sale officially after all. Berlin F´Hain

In my originally labelled ‘SIGN&TYPE’-category: most hardcore shop name. check it out -i went to “INFERNO” to get window cleaner, huh! you can´t beat me on this one. one of my treasures, originally 2001.