Balcony incident of the month. almost a bird horror movie-scenario at first sight! diorrhea-ridden birds destroy dummy. Neukölln

Art by the wayside, second price. dimensional, challenging and yet subtle enough to qualify. Pflügerstraße, Neukölln

When sofas are involved, in the streets of Neukölln it doesn´t normally reach any further than its shameful disposal on our already sofa-, mattress- and TV-littered streets. nevertheless, this here seems so much an act of, lets say, ‘applied art-busting’ that it works pretty well for me. award goes to the young strong design students who probably migrated it there for optimal glamour impact before expiration.

Most nicely confusing marker labelling. We chose to affectionately interpret it as “suitable for tagging at permanent party involving alcohol”.

And, on another all-time favorite category: art by the wayside. and this being a rare treasure from the early days of electronics as such. i regret now that i didn´t snatch it up while i had the chance. Treptower Str, Neukölln