Most charismatic selfmade danger of death sign, in my originally so-called “Sign & Style”-category. never mind it being a bit weathered, it´s surely been doing its job very satisfactory at all times. Ephes, Turkey September 06

QUIZZ_ Should i scrap it, should i leave it in, should i scrap it? after 3 times of taking it out and putting it back in again, i´m deciding to leave it in for the time being, and see. i can always take it out later… The silly quizz was, whose tongue this was. (apart from what i´m asking myself: who took this shot). the only thing for sure is, that it took place during Fusion Festival June 06

Most multilayered fashion statement. It had to happen one day: some bourgeois ex-squatters´ offspring parking their dusty (retro) porsche right up by the hippie-trancefloor at the alternative open air festival. i reckon a) it´s full of empty beer bottles, and b) they drive it bare-feeted. while i for one would rather bring my personal royal loo booth to the spot. but if the general poetics of decadence was their point, then ok. Fusion Festival, June 06

Coolest type marking leftover. This proves that old graphic design has a lot of recycling potential. excellent case-sensitive colour coordination too, boardering on mimicry. Fusion Festival, June 06

2nd nicest guerilla barbecue i know of in 2006 (the first involving fireworks at a central train track and being generally too wild to mention). we later got caught by some guard, after a lot of schnitzel, beer and noise. the guard misteriously appeared from a back door with a torch, like a werewolf-type character from a horror theatre stage. surprisingly, we managed to settle things as friends without police assistance or chainsaws! Revaler Str, F´hain

And, to conclude this trip´s record: most serious serpentine. an experience every single day, and how the ski bus can make it through all year. Kaunertal Glacier

Wickedest numberplate -which town in germany do i have to move to, to get one of those too?! because after seeing this, i´d consider trading it in for my Berliner ‘B-AD’! Kaunertal, April 06

Top silly pleasure in life of the month April 06. better ignore this one, me on a teenage bigass irresponsibility tip. i totally loved riding down right below the sign (best snow of course) about 30 times, as my smug spaced-out smile can tell. nevertheless it was really iditotic and stupidly unsafe. this is a glacier melting, with lots of deep crevasses. apologies. Kaunertal Glacier, Austria April 06