Best fragile-art-packaging: you will confirm that i´ve rarely put myself in the sign&style-spotlight over the last years, but in this case it deems fair to announce myself as the winner!

The low-tech wittyness award goes once again to dad: with this splendid field glass customized for solar eclipse observation indulgence.

Nicest alpine panorama of the month. classically staggered like a pro painting, where i´d only maybe added a deer (-but since Snowbombing happend to invade the town right then, there was no shortage of all other comical zoo animals-on-skis you could think of). Mayrhofen, AT

No, wait: i didn´t know this was waiting down the line! Nicest manifestation of aggregation states. plus: most slippery curve in all of Treptow, border to Neukölln. what an endless shitty winter it would be we had no clue. if my memory´s right this pack ice persevered almost into june.

Women´s maddest winter gear -or maybe just maddest winter fleamarket outfit. very ladylike in any case. flea market, Maybachufer

Men´s maddest winter gear of the season, runner up. maybe the winner´s brother but i can´t be sure. Nowkoelln flea market, Maybachufer

This guy confidently sported the absolutely maddest men´s winter gear of the season: a boy´s 80ies snowplay overall crossed with wingsuit. wow. haven´t had this thrilling mixture of shock and surprise for a long time. Kottbusser Damm

On the subject of what i´ve labelled “schickifizierungsindikatoren” (“indicators of trendification”), check this month´s latest manifestation of it, namely: a fresh spot for club posters. meaning the indigenous not-quite-as-in-crowd might soon be becoming an endangered species. here, where nothing trendy was ever happening before… but there you go. in a way the quintessence of “schickifizierung”. Wildenbruchstraße @ Harzer, Neukölln